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Axel Tillmann
Axel Tillmann

Mr. Tillmann brings close to three decades of leadership experience to the firm, having directed numerous startups to & through successful exits, gaining a wealth of experience dealing with publicly held firms. Known as a serial entrepreneur, he is a well-known, well-connected expert involving start-ups, entrepreneurship & enterprise endorsement.

In the last 5 years Mr. Tillmann consulted w. 100s of firms from a wide range of technology & industry sectors (Communication, Internet Security, IoT, Travel Industry, Life Sciences, Renewable Energy & Green Technologies)

Prior to Alpha Consult, Mr. Tillmann held positions with RVC-USA, a Going-To-Market strategy firm for foreign companies that wanted to enter the US market, Tranzishen (among many projects lead a team of German Energy developers to work on a 300 MW wind power project in NH, cooperating with the then Governor), Arcsight (acquired by HP), Azure Technologies (acquired by GN), ENIRA Technology (acquired by ArcSight) & GBS Laboratories. In 1998 he founded NOVILIT, Inc., a firm specializing in EDA products & protocols. At NOVILIT, Mr. Tillmann oversaw & successfully ran the funding, market strategy, all product development + R&D for the firm.

An accomplished speaker & author, well known for his technical expertise, Mr. Tillmann advises numerous industry organizations & serves as Chairman of the Board of Alion Energy, Chairman of the Board of Appnow, Past Member of the BoD of SMI (before recent M&A), & is in the BoA of more than 10 other companies. He holds degrees a BS in EE from the University of Wuppertal in Germany and a BS in BA from Luebeck